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Many teachers, myself included,tutor children throughout the school year. As we get closer to the end of the school year, we all worry about the progress kids made during the school year being lost in the summer.

As educators we know the value of reading over the summer. At the beginning of each school year we see the decline of skills from the last school to the next . We agree for many, the whole first quarter of each school year ( or more) is spent building back up the skills lost over the summer. However the reality of reading all thru the summer is not a high priority given all of the other activities and priorities.

Out of this discussion among teachers came the era of forming a tutor consortium to help make the priority of reading comprehension and /or math strategies reinforcement a fun priority for kids and convenient for parents.

Camp KC has many locations around the Charlotte area. The Tutor Consortium will be a part of the Camp KC family where teachers will go to any of our camp locations and work one on one with kids to keep those skills sharp throughout the summer.

We all agree to make this learning environment fun and light hearted so that the child looks forward to seeing the teacher instead of dreading the day the teacher comes to camp!

With this goal in mind, Camp KC has a plethora of teachers wanting to help keep kids skill set sharp over summer. If you are interested in having our Tutor Consortium tutor your child whether in camp or not, please e-mail us at

We are happy to find the right tutor to suit your child's personality and needs!